Do I need to use both Beverly UMP and MP?

Q: I have bought both of those products.  I can not remember how much protein/per scoop in both the MP and UMP? (20 grams per scoop) According to my weight and workout routine I need around 85 grams protein per day

A: (that is open for discussion, but I am guessing that you are using the ½ gram of protein per pound of body weight.  Based on goals, I usually am closer to recommendations of 1 gram of protein per 1 lb of Lean Mass, which is your total weight minus your fat lbs—for example, I am 215 lbs, but my lean Mass is around 190-195.  So, I try and get 190-195 grams of protein per day).

Q: I need your expert opinion about which protein is more bang for your buck and are both really necessary?

A: UMP is a slower digesting protein—perfect for a small meal between breakfast and lunch, and another small meal between lunch and dinner.  MP is a faster digesting protein, which makes it perfect for pre and post workout shakes.  Yes, if you are serious about getting in the best shape possible, and getting the best bang for your buck out of your proteins, then both need to be used.  Think about it this way—If you used UMP for post workout, the proteins would not absorb in your bloodstream for about 30-45 minutes—you would lose that perfect opportunity to take advantage of the increased bloodflow to your muscles right after your workout.  MP absorbs in the bloodstream within 10 minutes; thus taking advantage of all of that blood being pushed to the muscles you just had worked out.  And you wouldn’t want MP between your meals, since it aborbs too quickly—UMP will feed your muscles for the 2-3 hours between meals.

Q: Which is most I important since they both do different things?  

A: See answer above.

Q: Is there any protein powders that have both so that you can only buy one product?

A: NO—Whey, casein, egg white all have different absorption rates.  UMP is a mix of all three, thus creating a system of protein to feed your body for three hours.  MP is mainly whey, which is extremely fast digesting—in fact it is “filtered whey”, which breaks down the protein molecules even smaller so it can absorb even faster.  Trust me, I am not typing all of this to try and sell you an “extra” protein.  If you use both of them, it’s no different in my sales if you just used one of them—you will still be going through the protein at the same rate.  I am just trying to tell you the facts so you can make an educated decision.

It seems from things that I have read on the internet that any whey protein is geared more towards athletes than the moderate exvceriser like myself.  Also, seems like the casein is used as a meal replacement or for people that do not get enough protein in there daily diet.   My workout routine consists of 30 minutes elliptical and I do light weight training (to get toned) about 4 times a week.  So…. In your opinion which protein powder would you suggest?

Both—one if very fast absorbing, and one is very slow. 

Q: Could I just buy the UMP and drink it a few hours before workout and not need to us the MP since it is longer in your system?  How long does the the UMP stay in your system? 

A: I see what you are saying.  But I think you are missing the most important point.  The POST workout shake, taken within 10 minutes after your workout, has the ability to feed you muscle fibers more protein due to the aggressive blood flow to the muscle, than all of your other meals that day combined!!  That is why you want to take a decent amount (about 20 grams for you—1 full scoop) immediately after your workout.  And you obviously want it PRE workout so it can feed them for the entire hour of your workout too.  UMP would not begin feeding your muscles if taken before your workout until your workout was almost over—and then it would only feed them at a very slow rate over a 2-3 hour period.

Thanks for putting your trust in Me and WieFit!