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Health Secrets From Cincinnati- Brian Wiefering’s WieFIT- Where Fitness is a Family Affair

To achieve optimal health and fitness, it is well known that a consistent and sustainable lifestyle is the key ingredient to success. Former body-builder and 7x cover model for Muscle and Fitness magazine, Brian Wiefering, has made his lifestyle of health and fitness his career and has included his family in the success.

Brian Wiefering Muscle and Fitness May 2010

Brian Wiefering on the cover of Muscle and Fitness, May 2010

Brian Wiefering owns and operates WieFIT gym and nutrition center in Newport, Kentucky. The 4,000 sq ft facility has on staff, 11 personal trainers, a fully equipped fitness gym, an adjacent studio that holds fitness classes from yoga, strength, step and cardio to performance athletic training. It even has daycare during fitness class hours for those busy moms. Brian has trained athletes from high schools to colleges to professionals like NFL’s Kyle Rudolph (Miami Vikings), Homer Bailey (Cincinnati Reds) and Otis Hudson (Cincinnati Bengals).

I have been using WieFIT while I am on a travel hiatus to shed some of those extra pounds I accumulated last year during my travels. So far, I have lost 7 lbs! Brian is also a part of my family. He’s my cousin and he sat down with me to share exclusively with Chrissy Travels ways to find fitness success in your lifestyle.

Chrissy Travels: Brian, you just celebrated your 15th wedding anniversary. You have 4 girls from ages 14-7 and you’ve had great success in keeping your family in a healthy and fit lifestyle. How important is it for you to have your wife, kids and extended family a part of that lifestyle?

Brian Wiefering: Very important. It forces us to buy good food at our house. Raising a family and making sure they’re eating healthy, not just healthy in the form of making sure their getting the right amount of proteins, carbs and fats, but it’s also important that [my wife] buys organic and that their are no preservatives in the food we buy.

When we look at friends of ours that live over in Europe, a lot of the chemicals that are inserted in our foods are actually illegal there. We now shop that way and take that approcah with our clients. We’re not just about fat loss and gaining muscle, we’re about overall health.

Brian Wiefering and family

Brian Wiefering and family

Chrissy Travels: It’s interesting that you bring up the lifestyle in Europe. When I was in Europe and went to the beach, you can see the women in their 50′s and 60′s are thin and fit. They look great. They live a healthier overall lifestyle. Do you think America can follow that trend? What will it take?

Brian Wiefering:  If you asked me that 5 years ago, I would have told you that we were 50 years away from it. But what has transpired in the last 5 years has been amazing. It’s because of the demand from us. Let me give you an example: if you had asked me 5 years ago if Walmart would ever have an organic section, I would have told you ‘no way’. We are becoming more educated. Because the public knows high fructose corn syrup is bad, they’re demanding it not be in their food. Everything in these grocery stores now says ‘No High Fructose Corn Syrup Added’. Msg and sodium nitrates- we are now starting to see that trend take place. Those are just a few of the things that if you go over to Switzerland, you can’t find them there because they are illegal.

You no longer have to drive 30 miles to find a Whole Foods which helps me when working with clients. I can now recommend foods that are practical and they can find in their local grocery stores.

The Wieferings

The Wiefering brothers. Brian, Aaron and Rich

Chrissy Travels: Your whole family is involved in some capacity in the health and fitness industry, most of them working directly with your business. Your wife manages different acpects of the business, your younger brother, Aaron, is a trainer at the gym, your older brother, Rich, is a former body-builder and gym manager and your kids are avid soccer players. I’ve even seen your Mother, Aunt, and sister-in-laws attending the fitness classes. Do you think health and fitness is something that can be inspired and somewhat contagious? What role do you think you play in inspiring your family to stick with their healthy lifestyle?

Brian Wiefering: It’s definitely contagious. If it wasn’t for my older brother, Rich, I don’t know if I had gotten into it. He could have taken on something else where I would have looked up to him and taken that on. It was contagious from him and then, of course, I have taken it to a whole other level with my business.

My kids see that and they eat healthy. So yeah, I think it’s contagious. [My kids] become contagious even at school. The moms tell [my wife] that their kid won’t order chocolate milk because [my daughters] order white milk and they tell them how much high fructose corn syrup and sugars are in chocolate milk.

Chrissy Travels: A lot of people have a hard time losing weight due to the temptations at home. Maybe their wife is cooking unhealthy food or their husband has to entertain which requires eating out a lot. Tell me how important it is when trying to lose weight to have those closest to you involved?

Brian Wiefering: It’s possible to do it, but it’s a lot easier to do it when they are involved, obviously. When I have a husband come and he wants to start a program, it’s gonna be a lot harder to be successful until we get his wife in here and we can get them on the same page. It’s that support system. When you are out with a group of friends and you eat something healthy and they give you flack for picking a healthy meal and you have other friends and family that support you in that,  you will become the majority and the people giving you flack will become the minority.

Chrissy Travels: What if someone just can’t get their family members on the bandwagon of health. What kind of advice would you give those that are up against the challenge of going it alone?

Brian Wiefering: Once people understand how much emotions and food are connected, you can overcome that. You understand that eating healthy for a prolonged period of time is going to make you feel better in the long-run. It’s not an excuse if a fmaily member eats bad then you should eat bad. Its just not an excuse. Go get your own food, go cook your own food. When you go out to eat, look at is an an opportunity to have someone cook your own food. That’s awesome. You need to know what to order and have the guts to order it.

Chrissy Travels: With all of the traveling I have been doing, I’ve found it extremely difficult to keep on track with my diet and fitness routine while on the road. It seems almost impossible. What is your best advice for a traveler trying to stick with a diet and fitness routine away from home? Do you have any diet or fitness routines developed for the traveler in mind?

Brian Wiefering: Absolutely. When I travel, I’ve already made up in my mind if I’m going to come back in better shape than when I left. A) There aren’t kids. Even though they eat healthy, there are times that there is junk food around B) All I do is eat out and I know at every restaruant there is something healthy to order C) I make sure I pack my protein powders and protein cups so between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner I’m having a shake, so when I go into that restaurant, I’m not starving. My sugars aren’t low. I’m in a state where I can make a good decision. My mind doesn’t give in to the smells of bad food. Even if there’s a small gym in the hotel, it’s going to be different equipment than I have here and it’s going to give me a different kind of workout. I take advantage of that. I usually come back in better shape than when I left.

Chrissy Travels: Do you have any fitness routines that someone can use in their hotel room in the event there isn’t a gym?

Brian Wiefering: If there’s no gym available, you can do body weight exercises. You can ‘google’ body weight exercises and you can do 30 minutes lower body one day and upper body the next. Your own body weight provides enough weight. 

Chrissy Travels: Do you have any secrets you can share with our readers that they will only find at Wiefit?

Brian Wiefering: We do. What we have found is the biggest reason dieters fail is they keep ther calories too low for too long. When that happens, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Not only will you lose fat, but you will lose muscle. When you lose muscle, guess what happens?  Your brain says you’re starving and you binge. If you lose 20lbs, you’ll put on 30. On our program, what we do is on purpose, we will have you go three days with restricted carbs. We will not cut them out, but we will restrict them. Then on the 4th day, we will actually take your calorie intake higher than where it usually will be on purpose feeding your muscles with glycogen which is the energy your body needs from the carbohydrates. So for that 3rd or 4th day, you ‘ll feel like your eating way too much food. And if you ate like that (what we give you on the 4th day) for 3 or 4 days, you will put on fat. But we do it to a point where it kick-starts your metabolism. It gives you the carbs you need for added energy. Then you go back to a 3 day restricted state of no carbohydrates. We call it carb-cycling. When we do it this way there’s no guilt involved because it’s part of the program. 

Chrissy Travels: Thank you, Brian!


Wiefit offers nutrition plans with one on one nutrition counseling, supplements, group fitness classes, personalized fitness routines, personal training and sport specific training.

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