WieFit’s Male Athlete of the Month

               ADAM FORTNER

Adam FortnerThis is one of those Before and After Pictures that you probably wouldn’t believe unless you saw it actually happen.  The Before picture was taken just a little over 4 months (Dec 2016) prior to the After picture (April 2017).  What’s even more remarkable is that Adam didn’t begin with WieFit until the beginning of February of 2017, which is only 2.5 months prior to the After Picture.  And Adam walked into WieFit in February 2017 looking just like he did in December of 2016.  Adam made these fantastic results in only 2.5 months!  Does this surprise us at WieFit?  No, absolutely not.  We understand the power of our Nutrition and Supplement program, in combination with our top Notch training programs.  All we need is someone as disciplined as Adam to do what we say!

In February of 2017, at a very skinny and weak 165 lbs, Adam Fortner, sophomore at Covington Catholic, began his diet with Aaron Wiefering of WieFit,  and his Weight Training Program with several of our Expert WieFit Trainers.  Today, April 20th of 2017, Adam is a solid 205 lbs.

Adam, plays basketball at the Basketball Powerhouse, Covington Catholic. Adam  was telling me today during his workout about how much better he already feels about his entire game.   He said he feels faster, quicker, can jump higher, definitely stronger, but also said “his endurance has gotten so much better”.

Many people might wonder “how someone’s endurance might increase after gaining 40 lbs of muscle?  There are a few reasons for this.  First,  remember that basketball is a game of short sprints and stops, so a muscular 205 at Adams height is a fantastic weight.  We would never use this type of program for a long Cross Country runner, or even a Soccer Player (I would have stopped the soccer player at about 185-190 lbs).  Adams WieFit Nutrition Program was designed to provide more energy through the right types of carbohydrates, which will better stabilize Adams sugar levels.  The second is the type of training Adam is doing.  We are definitely lifting heavy for added power and strength, but we also add in frequent “high volume” work with minimal rest which provides both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  Sets of 4-5 sets of 30, 40 and even 50 repetitions on any given exercise in not uncommon for Adams program.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Fortner for allowing Wiefit to train all four of your sons and daughters over the years (great athletes and people), and we look forward to working with the fifth down the road!

And Congrats Adam Fortner for being “WieFit’s Male Athlete of the Month”

Adams Nutrition Plan

Adams Plan consisted of about 4800-5200 calories depending on workout days and non-workout days.  The breakdown of macros was 30% protein, 50% carbs, 20% fat (30/50/20).  If we begin to see any fat accumulation, we will begin cycling this ratio to possibly a 50/30/20 every other week,  and a 30/50/20 the consecutive weeks, cycling these two diets back and forth.

WieFit’s Supplements used to make this work:

UMP – Ultimate Muscle Protein (between meals and prior to bed)

Muscle Provider – Before and After Workouts

Mass Maker – Between meals (mixed with UMP) and before and after workouts (mixed in with Muscle Provider).

Creatine Select – Before and after workouts, and also one serving on off days