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The Best, Basic Program

The Best, Basic Program – Diet, Supplements, and Training to Build Muscle and Lose Fat By: Brian Wiefering, www.wiefit.com No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 12 #3 Q: Brian, I need your help. Here are my details: I’m a 35 year old male who has been training since I was 15. Just like everyone, I go in […]

Doing it Drug Free

The Natural Competitor By: Brian Wiefering, www.wiefit.com No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 12 #2 Q: Brian, I was just on a discussion board where your name was brought up as a drug-free bodybuilder. Another participant chimed in and said that anyone who has a build like yours must have gotten his “base” from drugs. Did you […]

Three Part Q&A – How to Train, Avoid Feeling Flat and Why Beverly Supplements

The Natural Competitor Your questions about Natural Bodybuilding are answered by Top Drug-Free Bodybuilders By: Brian Wiefering, www.wiefit.comNo Nonsense Newsletter Volume 11 #4 WEAK POINT TRAINING – UPPER CHEST Q –  I was wondering if you can help me out with a minor problem. The upper part of my chest needs more developing, more so […]

Keeping Your Priorities Straight

Keep Your Priorities Straight By: Brian Wiefering www.wiefit.com No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 11 #1 Do you think dieting for a contest is tough? Have you ever thought of how it affects the people around you? What about your family? Did you ever think how they must feel when we act like selfish idiots, grumpy, tired, […]

Chest Training

Back to the Basement Breaking Down the Chest By: Brian Wiefering, www.wiefit.com We all get the questions, (a) “Is it better to concentrate on one body part each workout”, or (b) “should I hit upper on one day and lower the next”, or (c-d-e)”should I workout each body part once, twice, or three times each […]

Arm Training

Heavy Arms Back to the Basment — Real World By Brian Wieferingwww.wiefit.com I needed to refocus. After more than fifteen years of lifting and competing for ten, I’d forgotten “why” I was doing “it”. I’d forgotten what it was like to train until I saw stars, or hugged the toilet. I guess that the thought […]

Leg Training

Back to the Squat Rack There’s nothing pretty about lying on a cold, concrete basement floor, praying you hold down last night’s Ultra Size, peanut butter, oatmeal shake, and wondering how you’re ever going to make the short walk back home. It’s just three houses up the street, but the way I’m feeling it’ll take […]

Shoulder Training

Back To The BasementTime To Crush Shoulders By: Brian Wiefering www.wiefit.com Goal: Get stronger and bigger than ever Give up staying in shredded condition this off season Dramatically increase calories Be ready to say no to modeling offers Be ready to purchase new wardrobe Stick with the basics in training Train in basement with dumbbells, […]