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Getting Fit with Brian Wiefering

Getting Fit with Brian Wiefering Part 1 120120_2_GJWLISA_1327075530_25427_1.mp3 Part 2120120_3_GJWLISA_1327078912_2000_2.mp3
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Interview with Chrissy of

Health Secrets From Cincinnati- Brian Wiefering’s WieFIT- Where Fitness is a Family Affair Posted by Chrissy Albice on Friday, February 3, 2012 To achieve optimal health and fitness, it is well known that a consistent and sustainable…
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Do I need to use both Beverly UMP and MP?

Q: I have bought both of those products.  I can not remember how much protein/per scoop in both the MP and UMP? (20 grams per scoop) According to my weight and workout routine I need around 85 grams protein per day A: (that is…


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Intimidated by Wiefit???

WieFit works with people of all different sizes and ages.  We work with top professional athletes to people that are 300+ lbs overweight.   We work with kids in their young teenage years to those in their 80’s.  We work…

Cycle your Diet and Workout

Have too many summer outings wreaked havoc on your diet? Here’s How to Get Back In Shape Fast! By: Brian Wiefering, No Nonsense Magazine Volume 15 # issue 3 After January, August/September is our next busiest season…
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Family Lifestyle Nutrition

THE NATURAL BODYBUILDER Family Lifestyle Bodybuilding Nutrition By: Brian Wiefering, No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 14 # issue 3 Q: Brian, how do you stay in shape year round? Can you tell me what your daily eating schedule…
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Want to get back in Shape?

THE NATURAL COMPETITOR 39 Year Old Lifter Wants to Get Back in Shape By Brian Wiefering No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 14 # issue 1 Q: Brian, I’m 39, trained with weights for sports in high school and later joined a gym…
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Of Course You Are a Bodybuilder

Are You a Bodybuilder? Of Course, You Are By: Brian Wiefering, Well, I guess we aren’t so weird after all...  I just read a Planet Muscle issue where publisher Jeff Everson writes about the difference between a bodybuilder…
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Photo Shoot Preparation

My No Nonsense Preparation for a Photo Shoot The Natural Competitor By: Brian Wiefering No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 13 #2 I get a lot of questions from our great Beverly readers and visitors about Fitness modeling.…