Blake began with WieFit at 197lbs at 16.5% body fat.  Today, Blake is 210 at 10%!  That is amazing and came with hard work and discipline!

With Blake’s newest WieFit Training program which will initially only  focus on size and strength for 60 days, and his newest meal plan (as of December 2016), we forecast Blake coming into his senior year at St. Xavier High School around 225-230lbs at 9-11% body fat,  with more speed and agility than even at his lighter weight!

Blake just came off a standout year where he started for the Bombers in helping them win the Ohio State Championship!

Blake is a standout athlete, football player, and could possibly be one of the most disciplined athletes we have ever had the pleasure to work with in BOTH his WieFit Diet and WieFit Trainings.

to see Blake’s fumble recovery for a touchdown in the State Championship game. St. Xavier defeated St. Ignatius 27-20 in double overtime!