Benefits of WieFit Wellness Program for Your Company
Instituting the WieFit Wellness Program comes with many benefits.  Many companies use the WieFit Wellness Program for many different reasons.  Outlined below are just some of the many benefits that result from the WieFit Wellness Program.

  • Higher Employee Morale
  • Less Sick Time
  • Increased work Performance
  • Increased energy
  • Overall Healthier Employees
  • Reduction in Medical Claims / Health Care Costs

(below are just some of the issues that can be corrected through the help of the WieFit Wellness Program)

  • Type II Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Triglycerides
  • Depression
  • Social Disorders
  • Nicotine dependency
  • Heart related disease
  • Obesity related disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Cancer
  • Joint Problems
  • Stress/Anxiety disorders

The WieFit Wellness Program-What is it?
The most important feature of the WieFit Wellness Program is the flexibility in tailoring it to your company’s needs!

WieFit firmly believes that there is one need that every company MUST meet before moving to other areas of wellness.  That need is for every employee to have a basic understanding of Nutrition.  Teaching people the right way to “fuel” their bodies is the hub of the WieFit Wellness Program.  We fully recommend, that before anything else takes place (fitness, teaching use of equipment, cardio classes, etc.), that Brian’s very informative, simple to follow, motivational presentation is heard by each employee.  The basic fundamentals of proper nutrition are imperative for your employee’s success in living a healthier life.  We promise you that your staff will walk out of that 1.5 hour presentation saying one of a few phrases (We hear them time and time again):

  1. “Why did they not teach us this in school—it makes so much sense”.
  2. “I cannot wait to get started.  This is definitely doable”.
  3. “Now I know why I can’t quit smoking.  It’s more food related than I thought”!
  4. “No wonder why people fail diets over and over again”.
  5. “I can’t wait for my spouse and/or children to hear this presentation”.
  6. “No wonder why every day at about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, I can’t keep my eyes open and can’t get any work done.   I can’t wait to conquer this!”

These are just a few of the statements you will hear from your employee’s!
(Please Click Here for an outline of the WieFit Nutrition Presentation and what it covers)

Once every employee hears this exciting presentation on nutrition, they then have the option to meet and work 1-on-1 with a WieFit Nutrition Counselor.  This will take place at a date following the presentation at WieFit’s Studio in Newport, Kentucky, or at a designated room/office at your business.   A WieFit Nutrition Counselor will customize a Nutrition plan that is simple to follow.   The plan is customized for each employee based on their lean mass, current body fat %, activity levels, age, and sex.  Thereafter, we recommend to meet with that employee every 5 weeks to make sure they are on track in not only reaching their goals, but more importantly, maintaining those goals!

The WieFit Wellness Program obviously encompasses the “other half”—exercise!  WieFit is not about “over exercising”.  We realize that when many people begin to try and live a healthier lifestyle (without professional assistance), they tend to “under eat” and “over exercise”.   This leads to instant failure; putting the body in a terrible physical state (low blood sugars, loss of muscle tissue, lack of energy, low dopamine levels).
Many employees are happily surprised, that the amount of exercise, while on the WieFit Nutrition Program, is extremely manageable!
Whether the exercise program takes place at a company’s location (fitness room), or at WieFit’s 5000 square foot facility in Newport, KY, every employee will feel at ease as we make it fun, attainable, and NON-INTIMIDATING!  WieFit offers group fitness classes including yoga, fitness boxing, step classes, boot camps, and 1-on-1 Personal Training.   Our fully insured trainers are all certified through either ACE, NASM, IFT, or have a 4-year University Degree in a related field such as Exercise Science.

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Wiefit guest speaker bio
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Guest Speaking Pricing

$25 per person in attendance*
*$1500 is the Minimum payment and is capped at $5000.
Travel expenses may occur
If this presentation is going to be recorded for future use, additional charges will apply.
Presentations usually last about 1.5 hours. They can be modified to be as short as 45 minutes or up to 3 hours depending on your preference.

“Going a Step Further”

Each individual employee has the option for WieFit to truly customize a program. This will include meeting with a WieFit Nutrition Expert to test body fat and write up a customized Eating Program. That employee will continue to see the WieFit Nutrition Expert every 5 weeks to get their body fat and weight retested to make sure they are on track in reaching their goals. These follow up visits also allow the WieFit Nutrition Expert to tweak the eating programs to make sure the employee’s metabolism is at peak levels. These follow-ups may continue for 12 months after the initial visit. The individual cost per employee is a one-time fee of $125. This fee may be paid by the Employer or Employee, or as many companies have done in the past, a shared fee.