WieFit works with people of all different sizes and ages.  We work with top professional athletes to people that are 300+ lbs overweight.   We work with kids in their young teenage years to those in their 80’s.  We work with stay at home moms just looking to be fit and maybe just drop 30-50 lbs of fat and tone up, to stay at home mom’s wanting to enter a physique show.

WieFit is not the place to be intimidated.  We recognize that you may be coming to Wiefit to do what it takes to take a second off of your 40 yard dash, or are coming to Wiefit with absolutely no knowledge in fitness or nutrition and have 100 lbs of fat to lose.  The first thing you will do when you walk into WieFit for your first appointment is fill out a questionnaire.  This will provide us with the information we need to know how to help you and understand who we are working with.

The WieFit team gets as much satisfaction out of helping someone reach their goal of simply losing 30 lbs of fat, to helping an NFL athlete become a “powerhouse” on his team.  Goals are Goals—Everyone has them—Let WieFit help you Reach those Goals—No matter what they are!