Kyle Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph Testimonial

“When Kyle was a senior at Elder Highschool and had just signed to play for Notre Dame, reported that Kyle would most likely redshirt his freshmen year due to his ‘lack of size’. Kyle came to Wiefit at the end of his senior year in Highschool at 230lb at 9% bodyfat.

Five months later after working with Brian Wiefering of Wiefit, Kyle reported to Notre Dame at 260 lbs at 8% bodyfat! Kyle started his Freshmen year at Notre Dame playing Tight End and won multiple awards for his contributions on the field. Kyle continued to work with Brian and the Wiefit team throughout his college years, and was just recently drafted by the Minnisota Vikings. Kyle continues to work with Brian. The training staff of the Minnesota Vikings just recently voiced their enthusiasm about Kyle’s Lean Mass/muscle and physical condition.”

How did you hear about Wiefit?
I was introduced to Wiefit by a friend in High School who had been involved with Nutrition.

What were your initial thoughts of Wiefit prior to your first meeting (good or bad).
My friend who introduced me to Brian always had great things to say about Brian as a nutritionist as well as person. So initially I was excited to meet Brian see how he could help me reach my goals.

What were your thoughts after the first meeting once you were able to witness the nutrition program and the science Wiefit uses and shared with You in order to back up the program.
After the first meeting I couldn’t wait to start my new diet. I had seen a nutritionist prior to Brian and I wasn’t thrilled with my results. I was at a time in my career when I really needed to see results! I was having a very hard time gaining weight, I worked out like crazy, but wasn’t putting the time and attention into my diet to see the results I wanted.

Why did you choose to come to WieFit (what was your “pain)—muscle gain, fat loss, sports, bodybuilding, etc.
I came to WieFit in March of my senior year of High School in need of gaining tons of lean muscle (20-30lbs total). I had just finished my senior basketball season and had 3 months until I had to report to Notre Dame where I would play football on a full-scholarship. People were saying how talented I was coming out of high school, but the one thing that would keep me off the field as a true freshmen was my size, or lack there of.

Did you feel as if the person your worked with at Wiefit (please name that person) tried to push supplements or training on you? Or did you feel there biggest concern was helping you achieve your goals. Whatever you felt, please tell us “why”?
When I worked with Brian, I never felt as though he “pushed” anything on me, but only stressed the importance of the nutrition aspect and how it needed to match the importance of the training aspect or else the supplements would be a waste if they weren’t used to actually supplement the diet.

Tell us about your results – placing in show, making a certain team and your achievements on the team. Did you gain muscle on the diet or lose fat. If so, please give us the amount of muscle or good weight you gained, or fat that your lost—how did your body change?
When I saw Brian for the first time in March of ’08 I was 229lbs at 9.4% (207lbs of lean muscle 22lbs of fat). I reported to school in June ’08 at 247lbs at 6.8% (230lbs of lean muscle, 17lbs fat). I gained 23lbs of lean muscle and lost 5lbs of fat in 3 months!

What are your goals now? – another show, or another level of sports?
I have continued seeing Brian for the past three years and can’t thank him enough for helping me get my body where it needed to be entering college as well as continuing to build on that throughout my college career. This past April I was drafted 43 overall by the Minnesota Vikings and fulfilled my life long dream of making it to the NFL. With out Brian playing an integral role in my nutrition over the past three years I don’t know if I would have accomplished the things I did in college (Like being the only true freshman EVER to start all 13 games when people said I wouldn’t have the size to play right away.) or be where I am today entering my first season in the National Football League.

Would you recommend our company to other people?
I would recommend WieFit to other people who have nutrition goals and not just to athletes. It doesn’t matter is your a sixteen year old kid trying to put the size on to make the varsity squad, or a forty year old mother of three trying to get back into those jeans you still have in the closet from fifteen years ago, WieFit will put together a detailed plan to reach your goals.

Were you an online client or face to face?
Face to face

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