One on One Personal Training

Brian Wiefering, owner of WieFit, has put the highest standards in our Personal Training Program.  He has studied the good and bad of hundreds of fitness facilities’ personal training programs. Four inadequacies that he sees over and over at other facilities are the same four that now define our PT program most.  These four are…

  1. Friendliness – Finding SINCERE friendly trainers is not as easy as one mayWe are in an industry where many Personal Trainers work simply to make enough money to pay for their supplements, have a free place to work out, and maybe get themselves ready for a physique competition.  Many times these Trainers find it difficult to put You, the Client, first.  In observing these trainers, you will see them on their phones, or even looking at themselves in the mirror, and most of the time talking about themselves throughout the workout.   At WieFit, we have hired sincere friendly people, with fantastic personalities, whose main goal is to give you an hour that is for YOU—not them.  WieFit’s Trainers get their satisfaction out of your happiness and your results!
  2. Cleanliness – Are the machines dusty?  Are the garbage cans always overflowing?  Are the bathrooms filthy?  The floors?  The Smell?  Too many times other fitness facilities are so worried about “sales, sales and sales” that they forget the small, but very important details—and keeping a fitness facility clean is one of those very importantWieFit has policies in place where bathrooms are checked periodically throughout the day.  Down to the tiniest details you many not notice, like wiping down baseboards or overhead ceiling fans, to the more noticeable like the fresh smell of Pine-Sol when you enter our facility—these are just some of the things that we take great pride in keeping the WieFit Facility Clean for your health and enjoyment!
  3. Timeliness – Your hour is your hour!  Beginning your training session on time is not something we takeOur trainers not only will begin your session on time, but they are to spend at least 5 minutes reviewing your last session and planning your next session before you begin.  We take this very seriously.  You WILL NOT WAIT on WieFit Trainers.  Again, it’s your time—YOU come first at WieFit.
  4. Results —  Maybe you are a football player and one of your goals may be to simply gain size in theAs much as one trainer may enjoy the conditioning aspect of training, we will concentrate on YOUR goal.  In this example, conditioning exercises would not be performed.  All focus would be on the type of training to add the necessary mass.  Or, maybe you want your body to “function” better throughout the day while adding some lean muscle and shed fat.  Then, “functional high tempo training” is what you will receive.  It is not about what the trainer likes to perform for themselves, but it is what is best for your goals!  Your sessions are designed around your goals, and very informative notes are taken at your initial consultation so your trainer is fully aware of your goals.  These notes are reviewed by your trainer prior to every session to make sure that your workout is the prime workout to support your goals!

As you can imagine, finding trainers that have GREAT personalities and also have the knowledge and experience to become a WieFit Trainer, is very hard to find.  In fact, we have actually at times temporarily STOPPED taking new clients because all of our trainers schedules were beyond full, and WieFit was not going to hire  just “any trainer” in attempt to keep selling Training packages.  If it takes months to find that special trainer (as it has before), then so be it!  WieFit Trainers set themselves apart! Just feel comfortable in knowing that you will always be trained by the best in this industry!

We also want to note that at WieFit you do not have to feel like you are buying a car.  We make our pricing very fair and affordable for our One on One Personal Training Program.  We do not negotiate and we do not EVER put you in a pressure situation.  We have three simple and very affordable pricing structures based on the amount of sessions you purchase.  We will make recommendations for your goals, but that is it.  Our Personal Trainers will also NEVER talk to you about purchasing more sessions during your sessions.  They are trainers—not sales people.  Your sessions are for you to be trained—not be “upsold” like most other fitness facilities have taught their trainers to do during the actual training sessions.

Please call (859) 912–3783 to get more information on our One on One Personal Training packages, or email us at or stop down during our store hours!