Bodybuilders, Figure and Bikini Competitors

WieFit Nutrition’s success comes from my many years of victorious bodybuilding within the Drug-free Natural Circuit.  I have always been very passionate about being the very hardest and most conditioned bodybuilder on stage without the use of illegal steroids, Growth hormone (HGH), or illegal (and very dangerous) diuretics that run so rampant in Bodybuilding and Figure contests.  I am very proud that I am LIFETIME drug free and that I’ve helped many in this sport walk away from the drugs and compete the natural way.

With that passion to be the best naturally came the need to constantly increase my knowledge of how to consistently compete from show to show with added muscle, less body fat, and attain that “dry” look that wins shows.  Competing in numerous shows has allowed me to explore different methods of dieting along with final week preparation, also known as “peak week”.  I, along with the WieFit Staff, have been working with competitors for over 6 years.  Ever since I last competed in 2005, I have been helping others look their very best on stage.

If looking your very best naturally is what you strive for, then contact us—we’ve got it down to a science.  You will not be disappointed.  The WieFit Staff has worked with many that ended up as OVERALL winners in both large and small shows in bodybuilding, figure, and bikini.  You may have seen many of them in and on Beverly’s Magazine—The No Nonsense Newsletter.  Read closely, and you will see that the vast majority are WieFit Clients!


Brian’s Bodybuilding History

1996 NGA Tri State Drug Free Heavyweight 1st place and Overall Winner

2000 NABBA Light Heavyweight 1st place and Overall Winner

2000 NGA Potamac Cup Drug Tested Light Heavyweight 1st place and Overall Winner

2000 Musclemania ESPN World Championships New York City Drug Tested Light Heavyweight Top 5

2000 Musclemania ESPN Pro Invitational Drug Tested South Beach 2nd Place

2005 Musclemania World Championships Drug Tested Invitational Pro Division 9th place

2005 NPC Northern Kentucky Light Heavyweight 1st Place