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Stop Spinning Your Wheels. The Science Doesn’t Lie!

Break Down Muscle Tissue, Burn Fat – It’s that Simple!
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It’s non-debatable. In conjunction with a healthy diet, resistance training is by far the best way to get lean and grow lean muscle tissue. Study after study confirms this. Then why do so many companies offer workouts such as the repetitive spin class, to ballet type classes, which falsely claim to be the best for achieving a lean and toned physique? Why do most of the so-called “hottest and newest” workouts have you literally spinning your wheels?

WieFit understands that resistance training with HIIT type cardio is second to none for achieving such a physique. And WieFit will never succumb to the latest fads or novel workouts. WieFit will always follow proven science, and common sense!

All of Wiefit’s classes are a combination of resistance and HIIT training. WieFit provides different classes and workouts that will never get old; always mixing it up for the greatest results and muscle confusion. By doing the same workouts over and over, (such as cycling), your muscles unfortunately get “conditioned” to those repetitive movements. This prohibits the breaking down of muscle tissue which is necessary to grow more lean muscle tissue, thus burning more fat. By mixing up our workouts and offering a plethora of classes, your body will get the most out of each workout. We do this in a way that is fun and challenging, while accommodating all fitness levels.

WieFit classes are kept small to allow our trainers to give each Client the attention they deserve!

Studies have shown that resistance training is best for burning fat, due to increasing metabolism with added lean muscle tissue and the healing of that tissue. WieFit’s classes will have your body burning up to 15% more calories over the 24-48 hours AFTER the workout compared to your typical “cardio only” class. This is referred to as MMRR-Metabolic Muscle Recovery Rate. When your muscles are a little sore, just remember it’s the healing of that tissue that has your body working for you and burning more calories, all while you are at rest!

To put this in perspective, if a person burns 2000 calories each day at rest, and that person participated in a WieFit Class, they would burn about 500 calories during the workout, plus 15% more over the next 24-hours due to the healing of the muscle tissue. That equates to 2000 calories (rest), 500 calories (the workout), and 300 calories from the recovery; totaling 2800 calories burned!

Classes are Free from May 7th through May 12! That’s right, Free classes for the entire week!
Pricing – No Contracts, Cancel Anytime!

Beginning August 1st, all packages will have a 30-day expiration from the date of purchase.

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