More with the 10% off!

Social Media Program is changing for the better! Wiefit
previously offered $2 off on every product from your order when you
posted our Logo, (or something WieFit related) on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Many of you spoke up telling us that”it was a good discount on the
products under $25, but
you wanted more for our most popular products such as UMP, Muscle Provider,
Mass Maker, and Glutamine”
to name a few.

So, we crunched some numbers, and 10% off allows us to offer you the most
competitive pricing, while we get your free advertising in return (what a win-win!)!

Wow, that puts UMP at $33.25!

WieFit Nutrition Seminar

Free, and Will Change Your Life!

Monday, April 16th, 6:00-7:15pm

make this if you want to come, the next one isn’t until May!

This Seminar focuses on Why, When, and How to make structured meal plans work, be able to maintain a healthy bodyfat% and weight, while living a normal life! It is 100% free. WieFit offers them monthly, and they fill up, so RSVP!

Once you attend the Seminar, you may then decide if you would like to meet 1-on-1 with a WieFit Nutrition Counselor. The cost to begin the program is $135, and then $20 for monthly follow-ups. Very Affordable!   Attending the Seminar gives around a 90% greater success rate at reaching and maintaining your goals. We will cover topics that help nutrition make sense, how to make it work in our hectic lifestyles, and how you may be wasting your workout with the wrong diet.

Just sit, listen, learn, and wonder why you’ve waited so long! Leave your wallet at home;
just bring yourself (and a friend or two if you want!). We promise we won’t call on you, but if you have questions or comments,
please ask!

RSVP by Clicking Here In the email, include your name, names of any guests who will be attending, and the date of the Seminar that you will be attending.