The “WieFit Experience”

By: Brian Wiefering

Mike Reynolds made the trip to WieFit because his wife, Sarah (-28 lbs of fat, + 1 lb of muscle-mission accomplished), who was a referral from her co-worker Nate (-55lbs of fat, +8lbs of muscle-mission accomplished), who came in because his son who plays high school baseball and football, Nathan Jr. (+21 lbs of muscle and record setting season this fall in football-mission accomplished) had such great results, told him to. Confused? Yeah, sometimes I get confused too. After a Client reaches his/her goal, I often think back to how that person found WieFit, and it takes going through a “referral family tree” to back track and find the initial person who was responsible for getting that Client to come see us.

Mike was not a happy camper when he first heard that his wife, Sarah, planned on scheduling an appointment at WieFit. He was afraid that it would be just another attempt in her “failed history” of dieting. Over the past 5 years Sarah had bought nearly every diet book on the market and tried almost every diet imaginable. She’d had some success with mainstream weekly trips to “the abc company” to “weigh-in” but as soon she stopped she replaced 10 lbs lost with 12 newly gained lbs. But that all changed. This time was different. Sarah didn’t just lose weight; she kept it off. She looked great, and felt great. Sarah found something that worked and Mike finally sucked up his pride and came in for a visit to see what WieFit was all about (thanks Mike for giving me permission to write about your experience).

Mike still wasn’t sure if he’d made the right decision when he walked through the door. Why? Well, for many reasons. He didn’t want to be a bodybuilder, and some of the WieFit employees are bodybuilders—this can sometimes scare a person to think we only know how to do “bodybuilder’s diets”. He also doesn’t believe that any ongoing plan was for free. Sarah told him that he could come in, learn about nutrition and training for a full hour, and not spend a dime if he didn’t want to except for the small, one time consultation fee (all follow up appointments are free!). This was hard to believe. Mike was afraid that at the “consultation” he was going to have supplements “pushed” on him. But still, Mike had seen Sarah’s results firsthand and finally called the number to schedule an appointment.

On November 2nd, at 12:00 (Heidi scheduled him on his lunch break), I finally got to meet Mike Reynolds. The first thing I could see was that Mike had built some pretty good muscle, but it was hiding under a good 20 lbs of fat. My first step was to gather some important information about current eating habits, types of exercise (or non exercising), and then I asked the most important question, “Why are you here today-what are your goals”?

Yes, I could have looked at Mike and assumed that he, like most men his age, simply wanted to lose a good 20lbs of fat and gain 5-10 lbs of muscle; but for all I know, Mike might not care about his extra bodyfat and simply want to bulk up for softball, or compete in his first bodybuilding show. That is why we never assume at WieFit, and always talk goals first. This time, my assumption would have been correct. Mike “wanted abs”—he wanted to drop 15-20 lbs of fat and gain some muscle at the same time “if possible”. (He really said, “if possible”—and that didn’t come as a surprise; there are a lot of people who ask if losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is possible without steroids).

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Next, we talk about nutrition. Once I determine his current eating habits, I can help Mike make some positive changes by explaining what the right foods to eat are and when to eat them to get effective results.

I suspected he was either what I term a “Grazer” or a “Starver”. A “Grazer” is the person who has coffee with sugar when he gets up, stops at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich, goes to the office and visits the break room for a doughnut, snacks on some chocolate while at his desk, visits the vending machine for a Mountain Dew and Doritos’s, and so on all day at work. On the other hand, the “Starver” skips breakfast, has a quick or no lunch, doesn’t eat again until dinner, and then snacks before bed.

It turned out Mike was the consummate “Starver”. He skipped breakfast and drank plain black coffee most of the day instead of eating. If he ate lunch, it was often fast food. He didn’t eat again until he got home from the gym at 8:00. Then he made up for what he didn’t eat during the day by overeating at night.

I explained to Mike how eating just 2-3 times a day kept him from reaching his goals. I drew an illustration for him that described how your body is designed to work. It’s supposed to process proteins for muscle, and process carbs and fats for energy. Then I showed Mike what his body was doing. His metabolism had pretty much shut down. Basically, it was in pre-hibernation mode because it didn’t know when its next meal was coming. Mike’s body was acting just like a bear storing fat in the fall to prepare for winter. Here’s where I got to tell Mike one of WieFit’s most important principles—“Feel guiltier when you miss a meal than when you miss a workout”. I said, “Think about it, you’re working out 4-5 days a week, but eating only 2, or sometimes 3 times a day.

I also showed Mike why he overeats at night. One, his body is starving and he is trying to make up on lost calories. Two, he has just finished working out and hasn’t eaten since 12:00, so his blood sugar is likely very low—so what does his body crave—that’s right, sugar. We’re now about 30 minutes into his initial consultation and Mike is beginning to see why he’s made such minimal gains in the gym despite working out hard and fairly regularly for the past 10 years. He always focused on killing himself in the gym rather than paying any attention to his nutrition. I tell him that I truly believe nutrition is responsible for at least 80% of your results.

image004Mike was curious about the success we had with his wife, Sarah. In the past Sarah would lose weight, then put it back on and then some. She, like many dieters (bodybuilders too), had actually been under eating. The “low calorie, low fat” prepared foods that she ate actually worked against her. These foods often caused a temporary rise in her blood sugar resulting in an insulin response from her body. Insulin was sending a message to her fat cells that too much sugar was in her bloodstream. So what did her fat cells do? They started absorbing the excess sugar and Sarah ended up with increased fat storage and increased hunger. She also tried things like not eating after 6pm, eating no carbs, and whatever fad diet came along. Her body finally would give in to the low calories and she’d end up overeating for days/weeks/months to compensate. We also talked about how on Sarah’s previous diets she had lost some fat, but also a lot of her muscle. Losing muscle slows down the metabolism further, and eventually wreaks havoc on the body and mind. Luckily, we got Sarah straightened out before she did what 99 out of 100 dieters do who lose 25 lbs or more of “weight” (muscle and fat)—and then end up gaining 30+ lbs in the following 18 months.

Now, I explain to Mike that we’ll meet every 4 weeks until he reaches his goals. We’ll take body fat measurements and check progress—as well as make minor changes in his diet so his body never “catches on” to what we are doing. We want to make sure that while Mike is losing his 20lbs of fat, that he is not losing muscle. Through our Carbohydrate Manipulation Program (we’ll save this for a later article!), while Mike is aggressively losing fat, we are going to make sure that he PUTS ON MUSCLE! With a few simple pinches with our calipers in strategic spots, we can determine his fat lbs and his lean mass. And when he comes in 4 weeks later, we’ll do it again to determine results, and change the diet accordingly. Follow up consultations usually last just 20 minutes.

I take Mike’s body fat and put together a customized program for him for the next 4 weeks. I print out his diet and we go over it. I tell him it’s going to seem like a lot of food. Six meals a day and seven on workout days can seem overwhelming for someone like Mike who was a “Starver”. So, I show him how to do it easily with a simple and quick breakfast, a midmorning shake, basic lunch, mid afternoon shake with a handful of almonds, a quick pre workout shake and apple on the way to the gym, followed by a post workout shake and banana on the way home, a good dinner, and some protein pancakes before bed. I go over his choices for each meal.

He reminds me he eats out a lot. I tell him to “NOT look at eating out as an obstacle, but rather an opportunity for someone to make your food for you!” We then spend a few minutes going over different restaurants and what to order at those restaurants—fast food and sit down. He tells me he hates to cook and can’t always rely on Sarah since he gets home so late when he works out. I pull out my gym bag and show him the meal I brought from home. For lunch today, I’m going to have 1 protein, 1 complex carb, 1 fruit, and 1 fat (and that’s how his diet will read—it will come with a clean food list separated into proteins, complex carbs, fruits, veggies, fats, free foods–and the recommended servings of those foods). Today, since I didn’t have time to cook, I brought a bag of beef jerky (or I often have an UMP shake) for my protein, 3 flavored rice cakes for my complex carb (yes, flavored is ok—the few grams of sugar isn’t that bad—we do take those out for pre competition diets though), an apple, and a handful of almonds (22 to be exact!). Mike immediately realized how simple it is to stock up on UMP and beef jerky, rice cakes, apples, and almonds. Nothing needs to be cooked, it all tastes good, and it’s easy to buy at the grocery!

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Mike then tells me another concern. He and Sarah have two young children, and they don’t want to cook a separate dinner just for the kids. I explain how just last night my wife, Heidi, made tacos for our four daughters and used that same lean beef for our dinner. Heidi put the taco meat (the same that the kids are eating) on top of some spinach leaves, and topped it with our “secret recipe” sour cream. She simply whips cottage cheese in the blender and then puts it back in the cottage cheese tub for some very tasty and healthy “sour cream”. And to top it off we smother it with salsa and add a small amount of mozzarella. What a quick, nutritious meal that works perfect with the tacos that our kids are eating!

Next we talk about cheating. Mike wonders if he can occasionally cheat on this diet. I say we allow one SCHEDULED cheat meal a week. I warn him, “Don’t under eat on your cheat meal day.” And he’s required to get right back on his eating program 2.5-3 hours after his cheat meal—yes, even if he isn’t hungry. Chances are if he doesn’t get back on his eating program within 3 hours of his cheat meal, hunger will sneak back up on him and he’ll binge like he used to when he came home from the gym starving. Playing those games of trying to make up for cheating on your diet will only lead to disaster. Just go right back to your program.

During the last 10 minutes I warn Mike of what to expect the first week. See, since Mike’s metabolism is so slow, his body might not know what to do with the extra meals and shakes. He might actually gain 1-2 lbs. It might take a week for his body to realize what to do with the extra food he is giving it! Headaches from sugar withdrawal are also fairly common and he may even feel bloated and gassy. I tell him, “Get through the first week no matter what it takes, and by the second week, you’ll feel better than ever!”

By the time we’re finished, Mike is pumped. Even though I’ve given him many tools to make it easy, he still needs to be disciplined and make the right decisions. He still has to say “no” to the Doritos and Mountain Dews, and say “hello” to the healthier foods I’ve recommended. It’s not going to be easy—just a heck of a lot easier!

Now I go get Mike’s month worth of UMP, a Muscle Provider, and a Super Pak. I explain to him that UMP is faster to prepare and eat/drink than just about any other protein source he could purchase at the grocery store (and it tastes GREAT too). He’ll go through about 3 UMP’s a month, averaging about $1.50 per meal (I hate this part because I sound like a sales guy, but it’s the truth-it is more efficient, effective and economical), and the Muscle Provider is a faster digesting protein that is perfect for his post workout meal; and since it’s used post workout only, he will only need one per month. Lastly, I tell Mike that we’ve spoken a lot about our macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats), but not much about our micro nutrients, which are just as important (if not more important), so I now go over the benefits of micronutrients and Beverly’s Super Pak. He only needs one of these since there are 30 servings and he’ll be taking only one pack a day.

And it never fails … Mike now asks “Why aren’t you recommending Creatine Select, Quadracarn, Glutamine…. Mike’s very excited—I know that—I tell Mike, “Let’s first see you do this, so I know you are committed, and then next time we can talk about the benefits of the Creatine, Glutamine and Quadracarn (and even though I know those additional supplements will greatly enhance his results, I also want to first earn Mike’s trust with his first 4 weeks results).

Mike lost 13 lbs of fat, and gained 3 lbs of lean mass. I swear! Mike is excited. He says, “Outside of the first 3-4 days where I felt a little bloated, this is the best I’ve ever felt, the most energy I’ve ever had, the most I’ve ever eaten, and my strength levels are going through the roof!”

All I can say now is “Mike, wait till you try the Quadracarn, and Glutamine/Creatine combo!”

Note: WieFit gives this same service to people who cannot visit the WieFit Studio in Newport, KY by working with them online. Please email and request a questionnaire to get started.

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