WieFit began 12 years ago as an online Nutrition company. It has transpired into the leading Nutrition and Training Company in the Tri-State. In addition, we help people world-wide with our on-line program.

People also have the great opportunity to work face to face with our Nutrition Experts for those who live within the area, or are willing to make the trip. We have people that fly in from Florida, Michigan, and as far as California! Our programs are backed 100% by science, which is all covered in your initial Consultation.

The Nutrition Program

We offer a FREE Monthly Group Nutrition Seminar.  The Nutrition Seminar lasts approximately 1.5 hours, and covers many topics.  Learning the topics within this Seminar has proven to be the staple of people’s success in reaching their goals, and more importantly maintaining those goals. This Seminar does not require any future participation in our programs. We invite you to simply listen and learn! If you choose to move forward, you will then meet 1 on 1 with one of our Nutrition Experts for a 60 minute session (on a different day than the seminar) to learn more about your individual goals, and allow for our Nutrition Expert to put your plan together.  This Initial Post Seminar Nutrition Consultation is $135 (a $65 savings off our Initial 1-on-1 Nutrition Consultation!)

We will then set up follow-up appointments every 4-5 weeks for the small fee of $20 (half hour) (please note that two people will be charged $40 for a one hour follow-up)*. These 30 minute follow-up appointments are designed so our Nutrition Experts can track your progress as well as make simple changes to your program based on your results, while helping to hold you accountable!  These minor changes allow you to keep your body’s metabolism at Peak levels, getting you to your goals as fast as possible while maintaining great health.

OUTLINE (to make this simple for you!)

  • Initial Group Seminar (1.5 hours): FREE!
  • Initial (Post Seminar) 1-on-1 Consultation (60 minutes): $135
  • 4-5-Week Follow-ups (30 minutes): $20

NOTE: The price for a Private Seminar is $200 ($150 for each additional family member present at same time).  4- 5-week follow-ups are $20 per visit.

Call WieFit at 859-912-3783 to reserve a seat at our next seminar or schedule your appointment or email questions to info@wiefit.com