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The WieFit Nutrition Program

Whether you are looking to drop 100 lbs of fat, or put on 20 lbs of muscle, we will have a plan for you!  Our Nutrition Programs are 100% customized to each individual based on a few things. The first is figuring out the amount of calories you burn daily.  This is based on your lifestyle, workouts, along with the amount of lean mass and fat pounds you have.  We also take into consideration your age, sex, and of course your goals. Some simple questions and bodyfat testing give us the number.  Then we put together a very easy to follow plan, one that will get you to your goal, but is also very manageable.   

It's as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

1. Come to our monthly Free Nutrition Seminar.   Check our Home page for the date and time.  It only lasts about an hour.  There is no selling.  We simply go over some of the simple science that makes up our programs, and go over the 20-30 questions that anyone starting a nutrition program might have.  We have found that when people understand the "why's, how's, and when's about nutrition, that the success rate more than doubles.   It's free, it really is.  Most people tell us "it was the best presentation they've ever heard"!  Note: If you can't make the Seminar, for an additional fee, we will go over the same material in your initial 1-on-1. 

2. After attending the Free Seminar, if you want to move forward with a Customized WieFit Nutrition Plan, either give us a call or stop by our front desk, and schedule your first 1-0n-1 with one of our Nutrition Counselors.  The appointment is scheduled for 1 hour which gives us the time to hear about you and your goals, measure your body-fat (either with a non-invasive electronic machine, or hand held calipers--it's your choice), put together your plan, go over it in detail, and answer all of your questions.  The cost of this first appointment is only $150!

3.  Then before you leave, you will schedule your next follow-up for 4-weeks out.  We will want to see you every four weeks until you reach your goal.  As your body changes, we will have to make minor adjustments to your meal plan.  Once you reach your goal, we will put together your maintenance plan.  The follow-ups are only $20!  If you purchase a year of follow-ups up-front, then they are only $15!

To RSVP for our Free Monthly Nutrition Seminar simply email us your name and the names of anyone who might be joining you.  RSVP here

For a more detailed menu of our programs, including Physique Competition Packages, Online Programs, and more, Click Here.  

If you have any questions please either call us at 859-912-3783, or email us here.

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