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Brian Wiefering, former 6x overall drug-free Bodybuilding Champion,  works 1-0n-1 with all Competitors.  He takes great pride in making sure his competitors are the most conditioned athletes on stage.  His incredible keen knowledge in nutrition allows for competitors to step on stage showing a complete and conditioned package that is always above their competition.  


Where many "coaches" provide a cookie cutter diet for all of their competitors, Brian instead gives very specific macro-nutrient requirements based on the individuals needs. 

Brian sees his clients every 2 weeks from 20-weeks out up to the week before the show, which allows Brian to make sure the Competitors are dialed in!.  Brian also offers services in Posing, and full contest prep.  Back when "Best Posing Awards" were given in Shows, Brian routinely won them. 

The pictures on this page highlight just a handful of competitors that Brian worked with who won Overall Titles!  Brian works with veteran competitors as well as first timers.  Most of the "Coaches" throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati began as Clients of Brian's at Wiefit, who went on to win overall titles, and then began their own businesses.   It is Brian's goal that every competitor step on stage gleaming with confidence, specifically first time competitors.


Become a WieFit Client today and join the list of Champions!

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Women's Figure and Bikini

Men's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, and Physique

WieFit Puts The Best You On Stage


WieFit produces more Bodybuilding, Men's Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Women's Figure, and Women's Bikini Champions than anyone around.  

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