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As you may of heard, Wiefit is where the Professionals come when it comes to Athletic Performance Training. Why?

1. Wiefit’s Trainers and Nutrition Experts work TOGETHER with each Athlete. This means that since our Nutrition Experts and Trainers are under one roof, we know when calories are higher for the athlete, which allows the athlete to be trained at a much more intense level. We also know if our athlete’s calories have been slightly restricted for fat burning purposes; and our trainers will then taylor the athletes training program to work best with such a nutrition plan. Using this “coordinated” system makes sure that the athlete will always get the best workout possible, never over train, never under train, avoid injury, and always “maximize” each training session. This is a FIRST in this industry.​

2. Our trainers are all educated in Sport Specific training.

3. Wiefit has taken it a step further and has trained our trainers in “position played” specific training—Training at this level is a rarity in Training studio’s and Gyms today.

4. Wiefit has all of the equipment it takes for Athletic training. The days of an athlete simply performing bench press, squats, and cleans to become the best athlete possible is very antiquated. Wiefit still believes that these traditional lifts are extremely important and should still be the “staple” of strength training, but Wiefit has also adopted some of the most scientifically proven, cutting edge exercises available to make sure our athletes perform at the top level. And many of these exercises require the proper equipment, which Wiefit has invested in.

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5. Lastly, Wiefit has worked with top athletes in the world including NFL players, NBA players, Top Division 1 Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Swimming athletes just to name a few. Being able to work with these players and work in cooperation with these players Team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach’s has allowed us to coordinate perfect off-season programs. Wiefit is 100% open to speaking with the Coach’s of our athletes to see where they want to see improvements from their athlete. Is it more size they want?; more strength; do they want to see their athlete’s speed or agility increase. This open and cooperative approach with the athlete, the athlete’s teams trainers, that athletes Coaching staff, Weifit’s Nutrition experts, and Wiefit’s Trainers provide the Athlete with the best course of action possible! We call this the “Wiefit Game Plan” approach.

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