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WieFit routinely gets voted "Best Personal Training of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky".   When Brian opened WieFit, he made a commitment to only hire the best Personal Trainers.  The Personal Trainers not only have Certifications through reputable companies such as ACE or NASM, but also have 4 year degrees in fields such as Exercise Science.  It is also key that these Personal Trainers have fantastic personalities.

Unlike many studios who train everyone the same regardless of the Clients goals, at WieFit we tailor the program to the Client and their goals.  Someone training for a Mud Run is going to need much different training than someone just trying to improve their physique, or someone who is rehabbing an injury.  


Each Client will have a folder made for them that outlines their goals, which we call your "Wiefit Game Plan"  This is how the Trainers all know exactly the type of workout best suited for you. 

Come find out why WieFit's Trainers really are the best in the Tri-State!

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