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FREE-T-UP Supports:

  • Energy

  • Libido

  • Increased Good Hormones

  • Better Revitalized Sleep

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Mood

  • Overall Well-Being

Most "Test Boosters" on the market today continue to try and work magic by increasing only the production of "Total Testosterone", which is extremely hard to do naturally, and if done, the results are minuscule at best. Very little attention is given to increasing FREE-Testosterone.   

WieFit Nutrition, after years of research, has determined the most beneficial way for optimal hormonal health, is focusing on LOWERING SHBG (binding protein).   Doing so will drastically “FREE-UP” more of our Total Testosterone; thus SIGNIFICANTLY increasing our FREE-Testosterone (FREE-T)!




Increase Growth Hormone by 400%!

TripleGH is a powerful Growth Hormone and Brain functioning booster.  But the body works in a "feedback - loop system, with hormones being sent from the brain to the sex organs, and back to the brain.  Based on the amounts of these traveling hormones, signals are being sent back and forth that tell the brain and sex organs how much growth hormone and testosterone should be released into the bloodstream. 

It is imperative that both the brain (where GH is produced) and the sex organs (where testosterone is produced) are releasing maximum dosages to keep the feedback loop system at its highest output.

Good hormones come from your sex organs and your brain.  Don't stimulate one and not the other.  It's important to balance both, and by stacking FREE-T-UP with TripleGH, a balance can be achieved!

Stacking FREE-T-UP with TripleGH is a must for an optimal hormone response!



When we began the process of formulating WieFuel, the perfect Pre-Workout, we took 4 things into consideration. 

1. It must provide relentless energy to help me train with the intensity I had when I was 18 years old, and then some!  The intensity to where I literally don't want to end my workout - just one more set - one more rep.  I just can't get enough!

2. I won't crash.  After my workout it's important that I have the energy to complete my workday and then be able to go home to my family and be an energized father.  I couldn't afford to crash like I had with other pre-workouts. 

3.  It gives my muscles a pump like never before.  Blood volume to the muscle helps with protein synthesis, so an incredible pump is a must.  It's not just for vanity!

4.  No jitters.  To run a successful business, I need to be able to focus.  Jitters can ruin that focus.  After many attempts at formulating WieFuel, I found the most intense formula without the jitters!

  -Brian Wiefering

    Owner of Wiefit Nutrition


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